Cleaning VADO chromed products


The cleaning and care instructions for all VADO products are included in the box as supplied and are also available on our website

In addition to the standard cleaning instructions the following points are noted:

  • If a non-recommended cleaning method is used it is essential that the VADO product is thoroughly rinsed with fresh water and wiped down, especially in areas where the cleaning agent may have collected or flat surfaces where it could dry out and concentrate.
  • If limescale has built up on your product do not attempt to chip this off as this could damage the protective chrome layer and lead to further damage. Several applications of lemon juice (not a concentrate) or white vinegar, followed by wiping and thorough rinsing will slowly help to remove it.
  • Permanent damage can be caused to VADO products if the protective chrome layer is breached by scratching. Avoid any cleaning or operating method that can scratch and compromise this chrome layer. Once the chromes is breached the application of a number of household cleaning products can have a rapid and deleterious effect on the underlying material.


If you have any questions please consult our website FAQ page or contact our Aftersales Department on: 01934 745163.