VADO is incredibly proud of its people and culture. The loyalty, dedication, and excellence of our workforce is what makes us who we are. VADO has grown rapidly to become one of the industry’s largest bathroom brassware manufacturers in the UK and we have our people to thank for that success.

The health and wellbeing of our employees is always our number one priority. That is why we provide an extensive range of employment benefits, that reflect the value of their skills and reward our people for their devotion to VADO.


At VADO, community plays a big part in our daily lives and we want to encourage and inspire all employees to connect with their local community wherever they may be. Our VADO Kindness Guarantee promises all employees the opportunity to take up to 3 additional days of annual leave a year, to spend volunteering for a charitable organisation of their choice.

We recognise not everybody has the flexibility to be able to commit to volunteering in their own time, which is why we give all employees extra hours away from their desk to help and make a difference in the community, whilst we continue to pay them for their time. We find peace in knowing our community is receiving kind and dedicated help from our very own workforce.

Here is just a small snapshot of the charities our employees have donated their time to, as part of our Kindness Guarantee: 


We believe in empowering our employees to reach their full potential and rewarding them for their dedicated hard work and loyalty to VADO. We are incredibly honoured to be able to watch many of our long-term employees grow and progress within VADO, providing equal opportunities to develop at a pace that suits them. We fully encourage our staff to apply for internal vacancies within the business to enhance their skillset and progress in their career paths.

We are also proud to support our employees financially to complete further educational courses, encouraging them to obtain vocational qualifications which benefit both VADO and themselves.



At VADO, we are passionate about protecting our environment for our future generations and are proud of our renowned reputation for creating high quality products which use water and energy sustainably.

Not only do our products care for the planet but we are also reducing our footprint across other areas of our business:  

•    All VADO brochures are printed in 100% certified FSC paper

•    We are making great progress towards plastic free packaging, committing to 100% recycled packaging by 2025.

•    Providing our employees with environmental training and raising awareness across the business including our suppliers, on the importance of limiting our impact on the environment.

•    Regularly reviewing and communicating our environmental performance, as well as our objectives and targets.