Capturing the exquisite beauty of sinuous curves, Arrondi is an artisan collection of sculptural brassware, structured yet unexpected, with harmonious contradictions that create a unique silhouette that is instantly recognisable and unashamedly striking.


Arrondi is a covetable collection with attitude, a contemporary twist on traditional brassware, each piece has been meticulously designed to deliver high impact and an exceptional experience – the ultimate couture for the bathroom.

Sumptuous smooth handles are precisely mounted on an accentuated conical profile, offering an inspired interplay between soft tactility and hard linearity, juxtaposed to deliver an impeccable cutting-edge design that is equally timeless.

Conran and Partners is an internationally renowned architecture and interior design practice, founded by Sir Terence Conran.
With studios in London and Hong Kong,
​​​​​​​Conran and Partners’ portfolio extends around the world and embraces a rich and varied range of cultures, typologies and scales.

The studio delivers award-winning buildings and spaces, that endeavour to be progressive and sustainable. This is achieved through a carefully considered and collaborative design process that addresses the needs and desires of the users, as well as the wider environment.

Each project is given its own sense of location and personality through their response to their context and use, manifested by their performance, crafted form, detail and materiality. The shared expertise of four creative partners covers and integrates both architecture and interior design.


Tim Bowder-Ridger, Principal at Conran and Partners is an Architect and Designer who is passionate about creating authentic experiences centred around cultural spirit and personality.


Designed by Conran and Partners – each Arrondi product has been carefully considered and purposed to deliver timeless appeal and enhanced performance; a range that defies time to achieve both longevity of use and enduring design relevance.

With a shared commitment to sustainability, VADO and Conran and Partners have worked together to ensure Arrondi meets with each business’ core environmental credentials.

Arrondi has been awarded the prestigious
Red Dot Award for Product Design 2022.


The sinuous yet structured silhouette of Arrondi is perfectly paired with this architectural interior; curved alcoves, fluted panelling and soft, muted tones allow Arrondi’s radiant chrome finish to become the focus of the bathroom; creating a calming environment to unwind.

Double basins are a luxurious feature for achieving a hotel vibe at home, lending themselves flawlessly to Arrondi’s deck-mounted or wall-mounted basin mixers. With an unrivalled selection of basin mixer options available, the Arrondi collection brings an exquisite touch to a multitude of bathroom design schemes.

'Impeccable cutting edge design that is equally timeless'


Arrondi deconstructs the boundaries of superior bathroom design, creating an organic modern twist on traditional brassware. An inviting combination of cones, cylinders, and lozenge shapes creates an effortlessly striking yet soft and tactile design.


Delicate textures and gentle pops of colour combine to allow Arrondi’s elegant presence to be at the fore of this design.

Injecting colour using carefully placed accessories adds a subtle, feminine touch to striking brassware, creating a refined, traditional bathroom interior with an understated contemporary edge.

Pairing fine pink tones with bright white achieves a fresh and sophisticated space, whilst marble adds depth and a touch of luxury.

‘A covetable collection with attitude,
​​​​​​​a contemporary twist on traditional brassware design.’