9 April 2018

VADO Rally Trophy

Journal Entry for VADO Rally 2017

Leading brassware manufacturer VADO has been presented with a trophy from the Rainy Day Trust in honour of the great VADO Rally which raised a staggering £65,000 for the charity.


Bryan Clover, CEO of the Rainy Day Trust, presented Jim Williams, Managing Director, and Dean Pamphilon, UK Sales Director, with their 2017 Benefactor Award in recognition of VADO's tremendous support for the charity.


In September 2016, 37 cars successfully covered 1,300 miles through eight countries, from Dover to Monte Carlo, in just four days and raised a collective £65,000 between them. Bryan Clover said, "The VADO Rally was immensely important to us, not only because it raised such an exceptional sum, but for the awareness it raised to other companies of how we can help their staff."


Each team were required to buy a car for less than £500 before embarking on the journey in fancy dress with a variety of challenges to be completed on the day. VADO have already started work on organising the 2018 Rally and will be releasing details later this year.