11 October 2018

VADO launch Slide Rails with Integrated Outlet

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In response to popular demand, VADO have launched an all new range of slide rail kits with an integrated outlet. A clever solution for the minimalist bathroom, the integration of a slide rail and outlet is the stylish answer for reducing the number of components required to deliver water in your shower.

Available in three distinct range styles; Evolve, Nebula and Atmosphere, each multi-function slide rail kit includes a slide rail with an integrated outlet, adjustable handset holder, shower handset, hose retainer and hose to create a sophisticated showering solution.

Providing a modern, minimalist addition to the bathroom, the combination of a slide rail with an integrated outlet removes the need for a standalone wall outlet.

Featuring a stylish, round rail with a smooth, chrome finish, each slide rail kit offers a modern and streamlined bathroom aesthetic. With a 12-year guarantee to provide clear peace of mind, your innovative slide rail kit will delivers years of unrivalled showering.