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14 January 2019

VADO launch the Mini Concentric Valve

Lifestyle Photograph for a Mini Edit Shower Valve WG-179M-CP

VADO has announced the exciting launch of the Mini Concentric shower valve. Boasting a small and compact design, this stylish thermostatic showering solution is the perfect choice for minimalist bathrooms and bijou shower spaces.

Offering a contemporary look and feel, the Mini Concentric valve combines clean lines with a round, contoured handle to create a simple style statement. With a unique handle design that showcases a striking, symmetrical silhouette, the Mini Concentric provides a touch of luxury with every use.

Designed for an effortless yet immersive showering experience, the Mini Concentric valve’s flow and temperature controls are centralised onto the same axis for enhanced ease of use. Featuring separate soft-turn levers for flow and temperature, the user can fine-tune their showering experience with precision control.

Using a limescale resistant, polymer thermostatic cartridge, this valve delivers exceptional temperature stabilisation to prevent scalding from sudden pressure fluctuations, ensuring the comfort and safety of all users.

With a hand polished, high chrome finish to partner VADO’s superior 12 year guarantee, the quality can be felt in every detail of this sophisticated bathroom solution.