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17 October 2018

VADO launch Geometry shower heads

Lifestyle Photograph Featuring Geometry

VADO has announced the launch of the Geometry shower heads. Available in round or square designs, Geometry introduces a sharper, contemporary look to complete any showering combination.

Simple yet sophisticated, Geometry showcases a refined and slender appearance with clean, flat surfaces to coordinate with current trends for minimalist showering. Featuring a subtle brushed finish around the edge of each shower head to beautifully contrast the polished, steel face plate, Geometry’s striking aesthetic will enrich your bathroom’s look and feel.

Boasting an eye-catching, geometric nozzle formation that contrasts the body’s soft, curved corners, Geometry’s square head creates a seamlessly cubic water pattern to deliver a perfectly symmetrical showering appearance.

Whilst Geometry’s round head features a circular, geometric nozzle formation, delivering a flawlessly round, rain-like water pattern to energise your showering experience.

With a durable stainless steel finish, rub-clean nozzles for easy cleaning and an unrivalled 12-year guarantee, you can be assured that your bathroom will showcase a contemporary aesthetic for years to come.

Angela Neve, VADO’s Product and Marketing Director, comments “embracing the trend for geometric patterns in the home, the Geometry shower heads are a stylish way to incorporate a discreet yet impactful finishing touch”.