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9 April 2018

VADO announce the launch of the DX valve

Lifestyle Photograph for a DX Notion Valve

VADO have announced the launch of their latest showering solution, the DX valve. Boasting excellent control and remarkable versatility, the DX valve is available in nine styles and coordinates with a wide number of VADO ranges.

Designed to complement all bathroom interiors, the DX valve’s ergonomic dials feature a unique, button-less 38° temperature stop and built-in fluctuation regulator to ensure a safe and all-encompassing showering experience even at low pressure.

With further innovations in thermostatic technology, the DX valve’s polymer based cartridge remains highly resistant to limescale deposits and prevents sudden pressure fluctuations to ensure the safety and comfort for all users. Designed to make installation quick and easy, the DX valve is truly the fitter’s friend.

Contemporary and designed to the highest VADO standards, the DX valve boasts effortless sophistication and exceptional functionality to deliver luxurious and effortless showering.

“The DX Valve is a culmination of our specialised technical expertise in concealed valves coupled with VADO’s superior knowledge of design and quality, to deliver a product that is both fitter friendly for the Trade and delivers a superior showering experience for our end users”.