No matter the size, there are always a lot of choices to be made during the process of renovating a bathroom. One of the biggest challenges can be deciding on fitting a bath, shower or finding the best way to combine the two. Here are some of the pros and cons of each option.


The freestanding bath is an iconic design and a true statement piece. When paired with a floor-mounted bath spout it helps creates a luxurious aesthetic, an increasingly popular look as people are spending more time in their bathrooms for relaxing ‘me time’. 

Freestanding baths aren’t just pleasing on the eye they are often easier to install and allow you to be more creative with the positioning, for example, in front of a window or even in the bedroom.


If you have the space for more than just a shower cubicle and you do not have a bath in another room then it could be a good idea to incorporate a shower over a bath. These can still provide you with a sumptuous space to relax and unwind while being practical at the same time. Removing a bath altogether can sometimes have a negative impact when it comes to selling a property.

Shower curtains are a more affordable option but can often dampen the mood by making the room feel smaller and reducing light, so these are best to be avoided. Shower screens are not only more visually appealing, but they are also easier to keep clean.


If you have limited space, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to limit your style. There are more ways than ever to make a small bathroom really stand out. With plenty of choices from coloured brassware to textured tiles. For example, pairing our Knurled X Fusion brassware with marble tiles can instantly create a dramatic and glamorous space.


You can still enjoy a spa-like experience if you opt for a walk-in shower or wet room instead of a bathtub. By installing multiple outlets, such as a ceiling-mounted showerhead and a wall-mounted fixture you can elevate your showering experience. 

A concealed thermostatic valve will offer a minimalist appearance, whilst a frameless glass enclosure will allow the shower to flow seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom.


If you have space, double showers are proving to be as popular as twin basin installations to allow freedom and flexibility in the modern home and help to avoid delays in the morning when getting ready for work.​​​​​​​

In a world where we prefer to shower due to speed, taking time for a relaxing bath is definitely on the rise, because of this, bathrooms are becoming an extension of the living space in the modern home. Size and budget constraints don’t mean you have to choose one or the other, you really can select what works for your way of living and your home.