Selecting the perfect tap to complement your sanitaryware can effortlessly transform your bathroom. Before you started the journey of creating your dream bathroom, you were no doubt blissfully unaware of the different types of tap that can deliver water to your bath or basin.

Tap Talk will demystify the different types available to enable you to make the right product selection for your home.


The most popular type of basin tap available today is the mono basin mixer tap or monobloc mixer tap as they may be referred as. These need one tap hole in a basin and have a single spout which mixes the hot and cold water before delivering it, with the handle(s) controlling the flow and temperature of the water.

VADO have a mono basin mixer to suit all modern and traditional design tastes and budgets, making them suitable for any bathroom design. The way the tap fits onto a basin must conform to a British set standard, so you can be assured that you can fit your chosen tap to any type of basin you select, so long as it has one hole pre-drilled into it.


As the trend for countertop and bowl style basins continues to grow, a tap option that complements this basin style becomes necessary; this is where the extended or tall mono basin mixer option comes in.

Boasting the same features and benefits as a normal mono basin mixer, the extended mono is a taller version to allow the tap to be mounted onto the worktop or vanity unit rather than the basin itself. This is a stylish look in the modern home as it allows the basin area to look more refined and streamlined. As the countertop or vanity unit will not be pre-drilled, this option gives you the flexibility of where you would like to position the tap, normally either behind the basin or to the side; the choice is yours. The important things to consider when selecting this tap type is to make sure the tap is tall enough for your basin and that you have enough room on the counter to fit. If you are unsure, your local independent retailer, plumber or fitter will be able to recommend the right tap for you.


For a truly modern and extravagant design statement for your bathroom, a wall mounted tap could be the option for you. As the taps are mounted onto the wall rather than the basin or countertop, the basin area will look bigger and clutter free. A look that was up to a few years ago only found in the most luxurious of hotels and spas is now available for your home.

Not only do wall mounted basin taps look fantastic, they are practical too. With a variety of styles to choose from, from two handled versions for independent hot or cold water control to ergonomic single levers with or without backplates, the water is effortlessly mixed and delivered.

VADO have a wide range of wall mounted tap options available to suit most budgets. The main consideration here is the cost to install as it is a slightly longer process for your plumber than a conventional tap choice.


Pillar taps are two individual taps; one for hot and one for cold. A common choice for traditionally inspired bathrooms, pillar taps also feature in homes which have not been updated for a number of years.

Although a great choice for filling a basin, they aren’t the most user friendly for handwashing as one tap dispenses cold water and the other dispenses hot, so you have to mix the water in your hands which isn’t the best option for a young family. Pillar taps do have their benefits as they are ideal for achieving a traditional look and feel and are ideal for homes with very low pressure.


Perfect for larger basins, the three hole basin mixer comprises of three separate elements; a spout and two separate handles that control the hot and cold water respectively. With a range of designs available, this basin mixer can be incorporated into both modern and traditional designs.

Despite having two separate handles that are disconnected from the spout, this product still allows you to mix the hot and cold water to allow you to find the perfect temperature.


Designed mostly as a stylish and economic solution for hotel, leisure and commercial bathrooms, infra-red taps successfully integrate modern technology into new and already existing mono basin mixers.

Similar to a conventional mono basin mixer, infra-red taps use a single spout to deliver mixed hot and cold water to a basin. However, unlike other tap designs, the water is control by an infra-red sensor which only enables water to be delivered if your hand is present in front of the tap, meaning contact with the fitting itself is not required.

This advanced method of using a tap is far more sustainable than the conventional tap, reducing water consumption whilst saving money and energy and are a popular choice for the cloakroom.


As most standard baths are pre-drilled with two holes, one of the most popular tap choices is a bath filler. Providing a contemporary alternative to a pair of pillar taps, this efficient bath filling solution allows the water to mix within the body of the tap before being delivered allowing enhanced temperature control as the water is pre-mixed for you.

Unlike a pair of pillar taps, this bath mixer features a hot and cold tap which is bridged with a connecting spout to offer a sophisticated design aesthetic and are available in a range of styles.


A bath shower mixer boasts similar design characteristics to a bath filler tap, providing mixed water through a single body, however a bath shower mixer also features a shower handset.

This shower handset can be controlled by a built-in diverter, to provide the added benefit of rinsing your hair during your bath. A perfect product choice for you if you don’t want a full shower set up over your bath, as it is conveniently two products in one.


A floor mounted, freestanding bath shower mixer is the ultimate design statement to complete a luxurious, design-led bathroom and is the perfect accompaniment to a freestanding bath tub.

VADO’s freestanding bath shower mixers come with an adjustable-upon-fit base, to allow the spout to be perfectly aligned over the bath once installed. The body of the tap mounts directly onto the floor and stands elegantly over the bath to deliver the perfectly mixed water through a single spout.

This product’s extended profile boasts an elongated body, integrated diverter, slender spout, single lever control and shower handset to provide the added benefit of rinsing soap from your hair or the bath after use! Freestanding bath shower mixers are available in both modern and traditional designs to coordinate with any bathroom interior.