water saving

With both significant environmental and financial benefits we have developed a comprehensive range of water saving products:

VADO flow regulators

Our flow regulators work by restricting the flow of water to a specific flow rate that helps save water without compromising performance.

Every VADO tap or shower that can be fitted with a VADO flow regulator has the flow regulator product code that you need to order to achieve water saving at the bottom of each relevant product page in the taps, showering and kitchen taps sections. You will also find the logo and flow regulator product code next to each relevant product in our catalogues.

To order, please specify the product code of the tap or shower you require along with the product code of the flow regulator, for example:


Atmosphere air-injected showers

VADO atmosphere products cleverly infuse air and water together using air-injection technology. This creates luxuriously silky water for the ultimate showering experience. Air-injection technology also provides the added benefit of reducing water consumption by up to 50%.


i-tech infra-red mono basin mixers

VADO’s range of i-tech infra-red basin mixers operate for a fixed period of time when the infra-red sensor is triggered, because it automatically switches off it ensures water cannot be needlessly wasted from being left on, perfect for public areas in hotels and other commercial buildings.

Flow rate and temperature is controlled by VADO’s protherm in-line thermostatic valve and the flow rate can be controlled further still by adding an appropriate flow regulator, all of which contributes to the excellent water saving potential of the i-tech range.


Please contact the VADO sales office if you need further advice or information regarding our water saving products:

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Email: sales@vado.com