Start by identifying the main function of the bathroom. Each bathroom plays a unique role in the home and will therefore demand specific requirements. For example, you may wish to add a freestanding bath to your family bathroom whereas a toilet and basin is the only necessity for a cloakroom.

How many people using the bathroom may also contribute to your design and your product selection. If you have a large family, a double basin vanity unit could make those morning routines more efficient whilst a combined bath and shower will also help to save on space if room is restricted.

If you have a particular item or feature wish list that you want to incorporate into the design, begin to think about how you want to make that work with the space available. It is worth noting at this stage that some bathrooms simply don’t have the space for every bathing option so it is important to make a checklist of the solutions that are really important to you and how you want to use your bathroom.


Are you looking to induce a relaxing, spa-like experience or do you require a more practical yet on-trend solution? Identifying the primary purpose of your bathroom will distinguish what sanityware, fixtures and fittings you look to bring in.

A centrepiece freestanding bath could be the perfect addition for your luxurious, spa-like setting whereas removing the bath in favour of an enlarged walk-in shower area may be the ideal solution to suit your needs.


Once you have a design in mind, it’s important to sketch out any ideas to work out what is viable; especially if you’re refurbishing an already existing layout. Using graph paper to accurately display exact measurements will help you to select and position any fixtures, fittings or bathroom sanitaryware.

When sketching your design, make sure you consider all doors and windows and factor in the bathroom’s piping lay out – a new shower without a water connection won’t be much use!

Sometimes changing a room layout just for the sake of it is an expensive exercise, if the current layout works, it will be a cost-effective solution just to update all of the fixtures and fittings which will still deliver that new bathroom look. However, some bathrooms have been so poorly designed in the first place that this simply isn’t an option.


Having a pre-planned budget will make your search for fixtures and fittings more efficient so you don’t overspend, whilst enabling you to prioritise where to allocate your spend and where to save money.

Baths, showers and basins often require the most investment, however creating your dream bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. With a variety of taps and showers available at different price points, knowing your finalised figures will aid your bathroom brassware selection.

Pay special attention to how the taps and showers feel as these are the products you will come into contact with everyday. Once installed, a marble tile will not look that different to a printed tile, but you will notice a wobbly tap handle if you sacrificed your brassware budget for the real marble aesthetic.


If you’re struggling to decide what type of bath or shower you want and how to lay out your dream bathroom, visiting a local showroom might be the most useful decision you make. Don’t forget to lie in the baths on display to see which one you could unwind in it at the end of a long day!

With a whole host of sanitaryware ranges on display, a trained bathroom expert can share their knowledge on what products are best, offer new ideas to enhance your design or may just provide the reassurance you need to make your design work.

Many verified VADO independent retailers now use computer software to generate a 3D digital bathroom based on your design and chosen products, allowing you to view a visual representation of your bathroom design.

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Whether you’re planning a large refurbishment or making cosmetic changes to your existing bathroom, finding local and reliable tradespeople will make the task much easier.

Finding a person or company who you can trust and is committed to completing the job is vital in ensuring the final finish you desire. Speaking to friends, family and neighbours before deciding on your chosen fitter can really help as they will share their honest experiences with you.