Even if you lack that creative spark, decorating your bathroom should be exciting and enjoyable. With the bathroom quickly becoming the nucleus of the home and a vital factor in determining the home’s resale value, decorating your bathroom with the best possible finish has never been so important.

As the foundation to this process, make sure you consider new colours, textures and patterns. With an almost unlimited range of options available, flicking through magazines and looking online will help to inspire your decision making and may just present some positive ideas that weren’t previously considered.

Once you’ve found something you like, try creating a mood board. A fun and simple way of putting favoured colours and patterns together, mood boards will also give you a chance to coordinate any desired fixtures and fittings.


As this is a room you will use everyday it is important that you love the design and the décor. If you have any personal preferences or features you want to include, look at how you can make that work with your chosen colour scheme. If you’re unsure, seek advice from an interior designer as they may have the solution to make your ideas come to life.

Being imaginative with your bathroom design is certainly encouraged, however there’s a fine line between glamourous and overkill. The key is not to make your bathroom design clash with the style of the home or the interior; an ultra-modern, minimalist bathroom might look out of place in a 18th century home.


As bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, certain styles might suit your bathroom more than others therefore it would be beneficial to look around for a trend that is most suitable to your bathroom.

As there is a lot of work and investment involved in a new bathroom, they are not updated as frequently as a lounge for example which can easily be refreshed. We know how easy it is to get stuck with a bathroom that was once on trend; you only have to say avacodo suite to appreciate the horror that the 1970’s left in some homes. The avocado suite could be the reason why people are more careful with the schemes they undertake. If you aren’t going to be replacing the bathroom in the next 8 years it is always sensible to commit to a scheme that you could refresh with little expense.

With this in mind, you should choose a neutral tile with classic white sanitaryware but inject colour with vivid towels.

Remember, it’s the finer details which truly makes each design successful.


A simple way to transform your bathroom is to change the colour scheme. What colour you choose may also contribute towards a chosen design trend, with bright tones used to invigorate the bathroom and darkended shades offering a more modern look and feel.

Try not to stick to one colour as you don’t want to merge every design detail together. Look at how complementary colours can help your favourite bathroom features stand out, for example a wall tiles’ coastal blue becoming the base colour for all accessories to contrast the off-white sanitaryware and flooring.

Equally, incorporating contrasting primary colours can inject that daring flamboyance you require to create a more striking bathroom aesthetic. Such colour schemes lend themselves to creative patterns and textures; it might be worth viewing a mood board before committing to such a design!


Once you have selected the design and décor that’s right for you and your bathroom, you can now begin to think about selecting your fixtures and fittings. However before you search for your ideal brassware, it’s worth considering which finish could most complement your bathroom design.

Although chrome is the perfect choice many interiors, other finishes such as gold and nickel variants could add that subtle personality, complementing your colour scheme and sanitaryware. Whilst polished gold can add hints of colour to more luxurious or daring designs, a nickel finish could provide the finishing touch within a reclaimed, industrial setting.

With taps, showers and accessories available in a variety of finishes, it’s always worth finding the colours and products that match your bathroom ambitions.