VADO has a passion for creating products that give the ultimate bathing experience yet use water sustainably.

save water

VADO flow regulators are designed to regulate and control the flow of water to taps and showers without hampering the performance or the design of the product.


VADO is not only committed to water saving initiatives but also takes a proactive approach to caring for the environment in other areas too.

VADO is committed to environmental performance by taking a holistic approach in measuring and setting objectives in line with ISO14001.

save money

In an average household VADO delivers a potential £360 saving on utility bills in one year*
*source: VADO study


Potential £360
saving on utility
bills in one year

In commercial applications the savings are even greater. The Marriott Hotel group saved almost 41,000 litres of water resulting in an annual reduction of £38,000 in costs after installing VADO flow regulators in one hotel.

how to order

Every VADO tap or shower that can be fitted with a VADO flow regulator has the logo next to it in this catalogue, along with the appropriate product code for the flow regulator that you need to order to achieve water saving.

For example:

carbon footprint

VADO recognises the importance of measuring its carbon footprint and continually aims to reduce its carbon footprint across all its business operations.

green achiever

VADO has been a Green Achiever since 2008. The Green Achiever award was created to aid companies that act to reduce their impact on the environment.

save the planet

We all want to try and do what we can to help protect the environment. With VADO flow regulators fitted to your taps and showers, the savings in water, gas and electricity can reduce your carbon footprint.

This can only be good for the planet.


VADO has been recognised as an organisation committed to effective recycling and awarded a certificate in recognition of this by one of the country’s leading recycling firms.