VADO customer comments

Delivering outstanding customer service, excellent product quality, great product designs and dynamic innovation are cornerstones of VADO’s success. We frequently enjoy positive feedback from our customers like the selection of comments below:

"Your after sales support is the best I have ever encountered in any industry. Brilliant job chaps."
"We have specified VADO products now for almost 5 years and in my opinion there is no product like it on the market. Your product is high quality, well designed and supported by a great group of individuals that manage and provide guidance as necessary."
"Every member of our team who sell VADO products say your customer service is the industry standard and you are the ones to beat in that regard."
"We have found both the H2Eco range of water saving products coupled with advice and help from VADO's knowledgeable sales team to be an indispensable asset to our business"
"The diverse range of products VADO offers allow us to specify the designers' exacting needs. VADO are always very supportive and helpful, providing advice and information on the best products to achieve our goals."
"British company with very strong business ethics. Wide range of products and all very high quality. Forward thinking company with hard working staff."
"Fantastic product design, quality, value for money and excellent service."
"VADO is a good company, well run with great aftersales."
"Decent range of products with a 'higher end' appeal to them."
"I love the style and the quality. However, most of all I love the customer service we have received over the years."
"Professional Service and products you can depend on."
"Sheer passion."
"Varied product range and a willingness to develop new products in line with our aspirations."
"The best aftersales service out of all our suppliers."
"Friendly , helpful and extremely knowledgeable approach, which I feel should not go unnoticed."
"To the entire VADO team; you all deserve a medal. Keep up the good work and long may our excellent relationship flourish. VADO people make VADO."